Nestmetric allows anyone in an organization to create a machine learning model with just a few clicks of a button – no coding required.


Nestmetric helps Customer Success Managers prevent churn, increase account expansion, and manage more customers with less effort. .


Nestmetric drives major fintech segments, such as lending, security, payment systems, and compliance, build cutting-edge machine learning into the products and services they offer.


Nestmetric auto machine learning analyse customer behavioural data for the benefit of insurance companies. The product helps insurance companies with risk profiling, premium optimization, and fraud detection


Nestmetric predictive modeling through automated machine learning is the key to boosting banking revenues and staying competitive amid a fast-changing landscape and challenges from emerging fintech competitors .


Nestmetric gives your retail organization the end-to-end softwares backed by ML-driven analytics needed to accurately forecast demand and inventory, better understand customer sentiment, and optimize staffing.

Actionable insights

The outputs of Nestmetric ’s machine learning models can be integrated directly into your user experiences and business automation tools. .

With all this power, the work that used to take months is now finished in just hours.

How It Works

Enables users to build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional data science methods


Upload your data

Upload an entirely new set of data for Nestmetric to train on. This data will serve as the basis on which your machine learning model makes predictions.It's important that you understand your data and choose the appropriate features (factors that influence) to get the best results.

Build a model

Once your data is uploaded, next you want to choose the machine learning type you want to use to solve your problem.Nestmetric also allows you to create machine learning models for a wide variety of other business problems such as maximizing retention, increasing upsell and so on. . .




ce you’ve built your machine learning model, Nestmetric lets you look “under the hood” of machine learning, giving you a detailed view of The Algorithms – how many were trained, and how did the performance of each algorithm (and each variation of each algorithm) rank.

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Nestmetric is for Business analyst, Data scientist, Executives, & Marketers


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